Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Old Wooden Desk

Over the last 12 months things have been getting out of hand around here.  I put this little wooden desk outside for just a little while when my daughter and her family moved in and it got left outside and become weathered and unloved.

So I decided this week that it was time for it to receive some TLC.  I decided to paint it grey.  I haven't had a proper studio over the past year or so and my craft bits are everywhere throughout the house so I have decided to take back over our formal lounge area and reclaim it as my studio.  I can't do very much each day so will just plod along as I can but I now have a little paper crafting corner all set up !  I love it so much !

So now my little desk feels loved again.

I decided to put it to good use last night and do a little textile painting with dye.  These little roses were white satin but are now painted, pearled and glittered.

And I worked on a painted lace piece which I will use on my name badge for my secret partner for the upcoming Lets Get Stitched weekend in Adelaide.

I hand painted some silk ribbon to match.  I hope my partner is going to like her new name badge.

So now that my front door area is missing the little wooden desk it needed something so I set about finding something to replace it. I spotted this old weathered cane chair at the local refuse shop.  It was $6.50 and very much unloved.  It's about to get a make over for it's new life, welcoming guest as they arrive at my door.

Hope you are having a great week.


Fee x


Julie said...

Your desk turned out absolutely beautiful Fee. I do love your makeovers :-) Look forward to seeing what you do with that cute little chair - I think that was a bargain for $6.50 & it would certainly have come home with me too.

Rosie H. said...

Love the desk and can't wait to see the chair.

The Rainbow Patch said...

Hi Fee, I lost track of you for a while, but pleased to see that you are still making beautiful things. Enjoy the weekend in Adelaide. Susan, The Rainbow Craft Patch, Moonah.

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